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I have been dancing off and on for most of my life. Belly Dancing was an interest I picked up when I was about 12 years old in 1983 and then again in the SCA in 1996 with a friend of mine who was a bellydancer. In about 2000 I was introduced to Aziza Said. Within a month of starting her classes I was learning troupe work. I was in Fringe Elements and Anwar al Sahara for about 3 yrs. We danced at many events. During the troupe experience I worked at a Greek Restaurant off and on for a few yrs... Olympia. From that moment on I was hooked on performing. I have performed at a multitude of venues and restaurants since then...

The Olympia, Babylon, Punjab Palace, The Dancing Greek, Bombay Bistro, Taste of India, Chef Geo's, The Hookah Zone, Aladdin Jr. 2, The Greek Place and more!

I have also danced in San Francisco for the Concious Dancer magazine, Baldwin Park Theatre, Palm Springs Theatre, Date Festival, Grape Festival, Claremont Art Walk, Farmers Markets, Senior living facilities, Hospitals, Hospice Care Centers, Street Fairs and many more places.

In the past I have taught workshops, classes, and helped Choreograph a few dances with Robin Johnson of Troupe Melangees. I have taught at various locations in the past to include:

Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona

Come Dance with me Studio

Jen T's Studio Dancing

Family Sports and Fitness Center

Chandlers Health and Wellness SPA

Moultry Accademy

Juicy Fitness Center

Concious Dancer Seminars

and more...


Now I direct my own Belly Dance troupes.

Nika Teaches at these Locations;

Valley Wide Rec Center San Jacinto, CA,

Health Rhythms Medi Spa Hemet, CA

International Arts Academy Covina, CA

an Various Private Locations

You can find some of my writings in The Chronicles Magazine.

If interested in learning belly dancing email me for more details.